Our hand therapists provide one-on-one, customized care to each of our hand therapy patients. Therapeutic procedures used by our certified hand therapists include soft tissue mobilization, stretching and strengthening techniques, therapeutic exercises, home program instruction, wound and scar management, desensitization techniques, edema control, functional activities, modalities including ultrasound, electrical stimulation, paraffin wax, heat/ice, fluidotherapy and iontophoresis. Our therapists design custom orthosis, splints and casts at our clinic and provide pre-fabricated splints for complete patient care.

We treat a variety of upper extremity conditions including, but not limited to the following:

Shoulder pain and movement limitation due to frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear and repair, glenoid labrum tear and repair, shoulder impingement, bursitis, tendonitis, dislocation or subluxation, following shoulder replacement surgery, arthritis and other injuries including fracture.

Elbow pain and movement limitation due to tennis elbow, little league elbow, golfer’s elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome (nerve compression), dislocation fractures and dislocation of the elbow.

Wrist and Hand pain and movement limitation due to crush injuries and traumatic amputation of hand, fracture, tendon lacerations, nerve injuries, burns and wounds, carpal tunnel syndrome (nerve compression), Dupuytren’s contracture, Dequervain’s synovitis, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures following falls and osteoarthritis.

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